Plotcon 2017 – The world’s most visionary conference for data visualization

PLOTCON is the most visionary conference for data visualization in scientific computing, finance, business, and journalism. We bring together scientists, engineers, programmers, web developers, designers, business analysts, and journalists to disseminate best-practices in data visualization and accelerate the bleeding edge of technology.

PLOTCON is the one conference that brings programmers from today’s popular data science languages (Python, R, MATLAB, Julia) to the same table as the web developers who are increasingly fueling data visualization technology (D3.js, WebGL,, React.js).

With O’Reilly Media and IBM as sponsors, PLOTCON is excited to return to NYC this fall for our 3rd conference including workshops.

PLOTCON NYC brings together R & Python data scientists, Web technologists who specialize in data visualization, and journalists and product managers who bring these creations to a mass audience. All of the technologies featured are open-source. The cross-pollination of people and fields, with the common theme of open source data viz, is what makes PLOTCON unique and exciting.

As a company, Plotly has the chance to see many standout data visualization initiatives among our customers, competitors, open source users, and Twitter community. PLOTCON is a chance to bring everyone together for a few days and highlight some of the projects that we think are truly outstanding but may have missed your radar.

Thanks to Web technology, dashboards and analytic apps that were once unimaginable to build yourself are now only a few days of work. Download a few open-source libraries, spin up a server, and BOOM – you have your own DIY DashboardTron 3000.

This DIY analytics trend is good for the world: It allows companies and individuals to build hyper-customized analytic apps for particular business or research problems. They’re also more fun to build than being the admin of a goliath piece of BI software.

PLOTCON brings together folks who are contributing to this “DIY” momentum in viz and analytics in their field. Here is a sampling of the projects that got us excited this year and we’re thrilled are coming to PLOTCON NYC:

  • IPyvolume by Maarten Breddels has made an incredible IPython widget library for 3d graphing. It’s blazingly fast, easy-to-use, and works inline in Jupyter notebook or JupyterLab.
  • Victory Charts by Ken Wheeler and his team at Formidable Labs have been combining React and D3.js to make drop-in data visualization components that work on mobile.
  • EpiPy by Caitlin Rivers is streamlining epidemiology workflows and viz in Python.
  • Adam Pearce & team at the NYT graphics department are perpetually pushing the bounds of Web data visualization delivered to massive audiences, most recently with interactive hurricane maps.
  • Edward Tufte is opening PLOTCON this year with a keynote. Tufte has long been a center of gravity in the data viz community by advocating for clean, minimalist presentation style. He’s written 4 award-winning books on the subject.
  • Moodi Hadi from Standard & Poors led a rewrite of one of S&P’s data visualization products in partnership with Plotly.

If you’re interested in building custom analytics platforms at your company, Plotly is hosting three 2-day workshops for mastering its open-source libraries in Python, R, or JavaScript. The Python workshop is centered on Dash, Plotly’s Python framework for quickly building analytics web apps. The R workshop is centered on interactive charts and dashboards in R. The JavaScript workshop is centered on Plotly.js, the core open-source graphing library that powers all of Plotly’s products.

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