A London Based Startup Is Tackling the Indoor Air Pollution With Innovative Material Science

Air pollution is one such condition that refers to the contamination of the air, irrespective of indoors or outside. It is the physical, biological and chemical alteration of air in the atmosphere.

Air pollution is one of the greatest challenges of 21st century, which costs millions of lives every year causing the burden on the global economy. According to World Health Organization, air pollution is now a bigger threat than HIV and Ebola to global health.

A data from WHO Ambient Air Pollution database shows that Delhi, the capital of India is the most polluted city with over 122 days of PM2.5 Level followed by Beijing with 85 days. PM2.5 is the measure used as this is the most prevalent type of air pollution and the one which has the most immediate effect on health.

Airlite is a start-up which has developed unique products to tackle the indoor air pollution as well as in the public areas. They have basically designed a paint which is VOC (Volatile organic compounds) free, made from natural materials and which reduces the air pollution by neutralizing pollutants like nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide.

Research Stash interviewed Airlite team to learn more about their inspiration for building the solution for air solution and their future plans to tackle the major challenges.

Can you tell us about your team and what inspired you to build Airlite?

In 2003 Massimo Bernadoni began to study the properties of molecules that, by reacting with light, made it possible to reduce the concentration of pollutants in the air. For years, he focused on the study of materials that, properly blended and activated, could totally eliminate the content of toxic substances in favor of the environment and human health.

In 2007, he realized his first version of an innovative mineral-based technology that could be used and applied as a normal paint. He then followed up by doing the first real-world test of this technology, applying it to the Tunnel Umberto I in Rome and carrying out the first scientific measurement of the phenomenon. After this first success, numerous international awards followed.

The two original founders, Antonio Cianci and Massimo Bernadoni met for the first time in Shanghai at the 2010 Chinese Expo where Massimo was presenting his invention for the first time.


Co-Founders of Airlite (Antonio Cianci, Massimo Bernardoni in the center and Arun Jayadev  on the left)


In 2013, they founded Advanced Materials to develop this technology aimed at creating an innovative product dedicated to air purification and reduction of energy consumption with what is proving to be one of the major innovations in the industry. In 2014, Antonio Cianci and Massimo Bernadoni added a third founder, Arun Jayadev.

Can you describe your product in a few words?

Imagine the world with clean, uncontaminated air — just like nature intended. This is Airlite.

  • Airlite is VOC free, 100% Natural and reduces 88.8% of air pollution by neutralizing pollutants like nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide. These are the same pollutants that trees neutralize.
  • Applying Airlite on a surface of 100 m2 reduces air pollution as effectively as an area of 100 m2 planted with mature trees.
  • Choosing Airlite is like choosing to plant a forest in your home while at the same time enjoying its many other benefits:
  1. Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria
  2. Cuts cooling costs by up to 50%
  3. Repels dust and airborne dirt
  4. Neutralizes odors
  5. Eliminates and prevents mold

How does your product work?

A technology as powerful as nature itself, Airlite transforms the walls of your home, office, school, daycare, library or gym into an air-purification system.

Airlite creates a powerful barrier to keep airborne dirt and bacteria from sticking, while simultaneously stopping mold and odors from forming. Circulating air then delivers these benefits to the whole environment, keeping walls and all the air between them healthy and clean.

What is current focus market and who are your potential competitors?

The quality of the air we breathe has a dramatic impact on our health and longevity. It is surely time to open the conversation about the current state of air quality as, according to the World Health Organization, air pollution is now a global ‘public health emergency’ for this reason we consider the world as our target group.

Airlite is available and necessary both in B2B and B2C markets because Airlite improves the quality of air — and life — almost anywhere – Hospitals, Schools, Public spaces, Offices, Hotels, restaurants & bars.

In a market characterized by a variety of products aimed at improving the quality of life through cleaning the air we breathe, removing bacteria from our homes, reducing energy consumption for our earth and generally making life easier, Airlite offers the only single-product solution that addresses all of these areas.

Airlite is opening a new market by creating a conversation and just as air does – creating connections. (home decor – wellness – blue tech).

An easy to use answer for people who want to take care of themselves, take care of others and be responsible for the environment they live in… all at the same time.

Airlite is unique and the only product of its kind on the market because it addresses all of these problems with a single, smart-material based product that is 100% natural and easy to apply.

What’s Airlite’s international presence now? What’s the goal? How does this relate with revenue?

Airlite has already been applied across the globe –

  • From hospitals in Mexico City and Thailand to private homes in London and New York City
  • From schools and gymnasiums in Italy and Spain to Airports in Jeddah and Palaces in Dubai.
  • Airlite is currently one of the most transversal technological applications on the market and, therefore, is an easy choice in a market flooded with wasteful equipment and harmful toxic paints and coatings.
  • The results are consistent with those stated in our benefits and we often receive spontaneous letters of thanks and praise from customers.

What do you look in for new hires? And what is your advice for looking forward to work with Airlite?

At Airlite, we believe that technology can better people’s lives while protecting the planet. Starting from this fundamental idea, we created an easy-to-use product that cleans the air we breathe, removes bacteria from homes, offices, and hospitals, and reduces energy consumption — a unique combination in a market flooded with wasteful equipment and harmful toxic paints and coatings. In this way, we do look for people who are enthusiastic and passionate in safeguarding, on one hand, our environment and our Earth and on the other, their personal health as well as that of family, friends, clients, loved ones.

Candidates should be eager to push the envelope and possess personal drive toward future achievements, keep their composure while simultaneously showcasing their problem-solving skills. Moreover, they should be prepared to work well under pressure and responsibility that might come along with the job and stay motivated and eager to go above and beyond what is asked of them. Last but not least, the should proof honesty and integrity during and after the job interview.What are the challenges for entering Asian markets for a European based

What are the challenges for entering Asian markets for a European based start-up like yours?

European startups like Airlite have many challenges to undertake for entering Asian Market: first of all, seek the right approach to enter these markets: A company should consider the cultural, social and economic customs in Asian countries and should move accordingly. Understanding the various Asian cultures, in fact, is essential to communicate properly the idea and the benefits of the products, as well the way to make sales through the most appropriate sales channels.

One of the most intriguing and challenging aspect in communicating in the Asian market is the abundance of language and cultures, as in Asia the number of ethnic groups is high like nowhere else in the world. The second aspect to enter Asian market is, consequently,  acquiring adequate knowledge of a large and diverse geographic area of the globe with varying social and economic levels sometimes accompanied by challenging political climates and the various customs and regulatory requirements for different countries.

Enjoyed reading the conversation with Airlite team? Check out their website to learn more & contact them http://www.airlite.com/ 

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