Literature Mining Tools For Your Research

Search Engines and Curators


Share bookmarks and lists of literature.

CaptoMe CapToMe.png

Metadata platform with rich biomedical content and information management tools for well-organized research.


Search, organize and share scholarly papers.


Create citations and bibliography and set up your research groups in the cloud to share files and references.


Uses machines to liberate 100,000,000 facts from the scientific literature.

Data Elixir 

A weekly collection of the best data science news, resources, and inspirations from around the web.

DeepDyve cmoh0gtuki76pzuyz1b7.png

Instant access to the journals you need.

EvidenceFinder f93f2e30d1cca847800e6f3060b8101a

Enriches your literature exploration by suggesting questions alongside your search results.


Leading biomedical experts helping scientists to discover, discuss and publish research.

Google Scholar 

Provides a way to broadly search for scholarly literature across disciplines and sources.


Chrome extension to help your literature search.


A unique platform comprising a social network, reference manager, article visualization tools.

Microsoft Academic Search Microsoft Academic Research.png

Find information about academic papers, authors, conferences, journals, and organizations from multiple sources.


global scientific platform for making your research more visible and for accessing all of the science.

Nowomics c6b7890af0ba0d6a712d1716104a56e2.png

Follow genes, proteins, and processes to keep up with the latest papers and data relevant to your research.

Paperity xmwm-kg

Aggregation of open access papers and journals.

Paperscape 1185319_458677664230769_104809031_n.png

Visualize the arXiv, an open, online repository for scientific research papers.


Life sciences and medical literature recommendations engine.

Pubget Pubget-Research-Stash.png

Search engine for life science PDFs.

PubNiche jfks-w-q

A scientific research news curator.


Search for publications and provide feedback and/or start a conversation anonymously.


Read, manage & discover new literature.

Research Professional 

A source of intelligence on funding opportunities and research policy.

Scicurve SciCurve

Transforms systematic literature review into an interactive and comprehensible environment.

Sciencescape Sciencescape

Innovation in the exploration of papers and authors.

Scientific Journal Finder (SJFinder) SJ-Finder-Research-Stash.png

A collection of tools including a journal search engine and rating which recommends a list of journals based on title and abstract of the scientific manuscript, website builder.


Uses various data sources and natural language processing to identify important new scientific advances.

SciVal Funding 

Comprehensive source of funding information.

Scizzle Scizzle

Curator that automatically finds new and relevant research papers.

Sparrho Sparrho

Personalized recommendation engine for science – allowing you to keep a bird’s eye view on all things scientific.


Multi-disciplinary online repository of scholarly research and related materials in social sciences.


Notifies users new publications and grants based on the users’ own keywords.

Symplur Symplr-Research-Stash.jpg

Connecting the dots in healthcare social media.

Zotero Zotero

Helps you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources.

Article visualization

ACS ChemWorx  

Collaborative reference manager coupled with tools and services for authors.

Colwiz  collective wizdom

Create citations and bibliography and set up your research groups in the cloud to share files and references.

eLife Lens  eLife - the journal

Provides for researchers, reviewers, authors and readers a novel way of looking at online content.

Mendeley   Mendeley.png

A platform comprising a social network, reference manager, article visualization tools.

PubReader NCBI Staff

Alternative web presentation that offers another, more reader-friendly way to read literature in PMC and Bookshelf.

Utopia Docs Utopia Documents

PDF reader that connects the static content of scientific articles to the dynamic world of online content.

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